G8 English club meeting

Unpredictable Legal Cases

Практика английского языка в разговорном клубе G8 English club каждые вторник и четверг
At this meeting, we will take a look at legal cases with unexpected outcomes.

Night, square, apothecary, lantern… What could possibly go wrong?

Let's discuss

Man, cigars, rum, cash... Any place for a lawyer here?

Ocean, palm trees, girl, diamonds… Are there scammers here?

Ilya Chernyavskiy


Приглашенный спикер


Free of charge

Sochi Youth House, 9 Navaginskaya str., 2nd floor, "Tochka rosta" room (entrance from Navaginskaya street)

Thursday, November 16th from 19:00 till 20:20 (MSK)

Meeting details

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