G8 English club meeting

Quiz Game.
Movies & TV-series Edition

Обсудим на английском манеры и этикет, и различия между американской и русской культурой
We will find out if you

Can guess a movie by its poster

Know all the catch phrases of your favorite TV shows

Are able to name a movie by its soundtrack

Are good at emoji quiz

Can name a movie by its cast

Valeria Krasilnikova


Vitalina Gordiiko

Wonderful person who loves English and music

G8 English club member

400 rub.

Vegan cafe "Ura", 38 Sovetskaya St.

Tuesday, August 29th
from 19:00 till 20:20 (MSK)

Meeting details

By registering, you give your consent for us to film and take photos of you during the meeting and share your image (in video or photo form) on our website or social media pages.

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