Halloween with G8 English Club!

Welcome to The Addams mansion!

My dearest relatives! Cousins, uncles and aunts, sisters and brothers, I`ve got some bad news for you!

Our grandmamma passed away. Well, she was 500 years actually. So she left her last will. I am going to read the Testament for all the Adams relatives because there is everybody to be mentioned. So let`s commemorate our grandmamma in our Addams ` mansion! This is a video invitation for all of you to my glamorous Addams party where for some of you our grandmamma left her property but to get it you should perform well. I mean your outfit ( it`s a party anyway – dress up properly). Our family has always been very talented so if you bring your talent here – we will have a small performance show.

We will have a contest – "Terrifying talented" – where you will get a chance to show off your many talents and versatile personality. And don't forget to dress up! A Halloween costume is a must!

• A welcome drink
• Games
• Dancing and entertaiment
• A living breathing DJ!

The party includes

November 1st
from 19:00 till 22:00

Sochihub Co-working,
62/1 Voykova str.

700 rub.

Meeting details

Halloween costume

Daria Addams-Locksmith


Приглашенный спикер

G8 English club member

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