G8 English club meeting with native speaker, 18+

G8 NY Party

Ready to dance, sing karaoke, drink cocktails and fancy New York life?

Join us for a glamorous New Year in New York: "Sex and the City" Edition! Get ready to step into a new year with a touch of Manhattan fabulous life in the Big Apple, Statem Island with its greenery parks, and Brooklin with its melting pot of multicultural communities. "Dress to impress", everyone! Feel free to show off and be a real New Yorker: extravagant, smart, classy.

And let's toast to a night of unforgettable moments. Because it's going to be an evening to remember if you love cocktails, nice people around and don`t mind having spontaneous affairs.

Delicious and healthy appetizers will be waiting for you

Seasoned rolls
Fermented cashews, quinoa, cucumber, avocado, olive and balsamic sauce
Almond ricotta with bell peppers, mixed greens, wrapped in rice paper
A collection of the cafe's signature sauces with breadsticks and veggie sticks will be served at the meeting. Also every guest will try specialty rolls, samosas and, of course, festive spiced tea with ▪︎raw▪︎ dessert!

Tuesday, December 26th
from 19:00 until 20:20 (MSK)
Vegan cafe "Ura", 38 Sovetskaya St.
1600 rub.
Meeting details
Adults only!

By registering, you give your consent for us to film and take photos of you during the meeting and share your image (in video or photo form) on our website or social media pages.

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