G8 English club meeting with native speaker

Love has no boundaries, but it does have borders… and difficulties!

We will be navigating the world of intercultural and interracial relationships, as well as delving into the world of long-distance relationships. Here are the questions we will aim to cover:
  • 1
    Is there a place for intercultural and interracial relationships?
  • 2
    Do cultural nuances play a part in the demise of interracial and intercultural relationships?
  • 3
    How can we navigate relationships of a multi-faceted nature?
  • 4
    Are Long Distance Relationships (LDR) worth the hassle?
Приглашенный спикер

English teacher from England


Rachael Woolley

Traveler (has been to 60 countries)

400 rub.

"Spot" co-working area,
43A Gorkogo St.

Tuesday, March 12th
from 19:00 until 20:20 (MSK)

Meeting details

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