G8 English club meeting with native speaker, 18+

"Family Feud" Game.
Round 16.

Открытая дискуссия с Джудит Стивенс
It's been a while since we played our favorite game, 100-1! It's round 16! Join us on Tuesday. Let's take our minds off the daily grind and have a little fun together! We'll be guessing popular answers to sometimes funny, sometimes off-topic, and sometimes very simple questions.

"100 to 1/FamilyFeud" is an adaptation of the popular television game in which participants must guess the most common answers from people who have taken the survey.

Tony (Switzerland)



Tuesday, May 9th
from 19:00 till 20:20 (MSK)

Meeting details

Adults only!

Territoria Co-working,
60 Vorovskogo str.

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