G8 English club meeting with native speaker

How Well You Truly Know the World That You Live In

G8 English speaking club meeting every Tuesday and Thursday
Using images, we will be focusing on many mysterious types of phenomena happening around the globe:
◈ mysterious events that defy our understanding;
◈ secret elite groups who operate openly but are unknown to most people;
◈ hidden signs and mystical symbols that constantly appear in pop culture, films and TV shows;
◈ the spread of strange ideologies that shape our culture, present, past and future...
Let's talk about conspiracy theories!
Some people label such things as outlandish beliefs, but others argue that they are more akin to "facts" often supported by tangible evidence.

John-Luke Delaunay


Vitalina Gordiiko



Tuesday, May 16th
from 19:00 till 20:20 (MSK)

Meeting details

Territoria Co-working,
60 Vorovskogo str.

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